Invited Speakers
Plenary Speakers
Professor Wei Li

Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Genomic imprinting; cloning; sex chromosome; sexual dimorphism


Professor Myung-Geol Pang

Chung-Ang University, Korea
Defining male fertility in the era of Genomics


Associate Professor Pradeep Tanwar

The University of Newcastle, Australia
Reproductive tract stem cells and their role in gynaecological diseases


Professor Takeshi Osawa

University of Miyazaki, Miyazaki, Japan

Reproductive tract disorders of periparturient cows


Professor Philippa Saunders

University of Edinburgh, UK

Sex steroids and the endometrium: dynamics and disorders


Dr. Theerawat Tharasanit

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Differentiation of embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells towards germ-like cells

Invited Speakers in Concurrent Sessions
Professor John Bromfield
University of Florida, USA


Dr. Elizabeth Bromfield
The University of Newcastle, Australia

Shining a spotlight on lipids in male reproductive health

Professor Youngsok Choi
Konkuk University, Korea

CFP1 Role in Spermatogenesis


Professor Jeong Tae Do
Konkuk University, Korea

Gene expression signatures and energy metabolism in three types of blastocyst-derived stem cells

Professor Janice Evans
Purdue University, USA


Professor Binqing Fu
University of Science and Technology, China

Natural killer cells and their functions in early pregnancy


Dr. Michael Garrett
The University of Ontago, New Zealand

Modulation of reproductive life-history and ageing by the opposite sex

Dr. Karla Hutt
Monash University, Australia

Title of presentation: Protecting the ovary from damage to preserve fertility and endocrine health

Dr. Kimiko Inoue
Bioresource Research Center, RIKEN, Japan

Placental development

Dr. Kampon Kaeoket
Mahidol University, Thailand

Semen Cryopreservation: the "Noah ship" for pig genetic under "ASF" outbreak


Dr. Min-Hee Kang
Konkuk University, Korea

RNA-seq analysis for toxicity evaluation in early embryo development

Professor Il-Keun Kong
Gyeongsang National University(GNU), Korea

Genetic Improvement of OPU derived Embryo Transfer in Hanwoo(Korea Native Cow)

Dr. Amanda de Mestre
Royal Veterinary College, London, UK

Integrating disciplines to unravel underlying causes of pregnancy loss in the mare

Professor Bruce Murphy
University of Montreal, Canada

Orphan nuclear receptor regulation of the ovary

Dr. Yayoi Obata
Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan 



Dr. Suppawiwat Ponglowhapan
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Testicular aging in the dog: an overview of structure and spermatogenic epithelium


Professor Mick Rae
Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Prenatal androgen excess negatively impacts male postnatal metabolic health


Dr. Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri
University of Cambridge, UK 

Role of the placenta in linking maternal and fetal developmental physiology

Dr. Masayuki Shimada
Hiroshima University, Japan 

Sperm, reproductive technology

Dr. Kannika Siripattarapravat
Kasetsart University, Thailand

Primordial germ cells of red jungle fowls and Thai indigenous pheasants: isolation, charaterization and banking


Dr. Jeremy Smith
The University of Western Australia, Australia

Title of presentation: Kisspeptin neurons are central regulators of fertility - but also govern rhythms of metabolism, core temperature and activity

Dr. Satoshi Sugiura
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan 

Morphological dynamics of preimplantation embryos


Professor Lei Wang
Fudan University, China

The genetic basis of abnormalities in human oocyte maturation, fertilization and embryonic development.

Professor Qiang Wang
Nanjing Medical University, China

Maternal enviroment and germ cell development

Professor Humphrey Hung-Chang Yao
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, USA 

From Glowing Penis to Oocyte-Producing Testis: the Power of Mouse Genetics on the Understanding of Sexual Differentiation

Professor Ping Zheng
Kunming Institue of Zoology(KIZ), Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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